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The unpredictable cycles of Schizoaffective Disorder
2010-05-26 00:02:33
The Court Transcript of Who Killed Kuro5hin
2010-05-24 02:36:44
Cut Crawford some Slack Jack, chill out and learn to enjoy life
2010-05-22 21:46:06
Infragard is your friend in these bad economic times
2010-05-22 00:59:20
"I've been off all my medicine for an entire month and am doing just fine."
2010-05-21 21:49:15
This and other Blastar dupes are now part of Infaguard
2010-05-21 10:50:04
Are you ready for real hope and change we can believe in?
2010-05-20 18:51:32
Ah so I see your Assasin Holly Hop Drive has failed
2010-05-19 18:26:35
Real Communism and Dope we can believe in!
2010-05-19 15:50:53
I am worried about Crawford
2010-05-18 23:33:39
I am going to try hard to reform
2010-05-18 02:01:49
Time to tell the truth
2010-05-16 14:29:58
Oh please don't add me to the Blastarbegone script
2010-05-15 23:47:11
Madlibs takes on political stuff
2010-05-15 01:08:16
Van Jones states that Glenn Beck is his brother and also a genius!
2010-05-13 21:19:36
2010-05-09 11:56:10
Software problem
2010-05-08 01:38:31
You poor deluded fools who believe in a Blastar!
2010-05-05 14:49:08
Classic atheists are better people than Asshole Atheists
2010-05-04 19:39:28
World's Most Retarded Terrorist Scores an Own Goal in New York
2010-05-04 16:55:15
An International Task Force has been formed to track down the Neo-Nazi dupe hordes
2010-04-29 14:16:05
You've all been victims of the Neo-Nazi dupe hordes here.
2010-04-22 18:25:57
God gets pissed off at the EU and Europe, blows up volcano
2010-04-21 15:27:28
Reaper does not mean death, you retards!
2010-04-08 20:58:07