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I tell you right out, I'm a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk.
2003-07-22 13:17:44
I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue...
2003-07-21 12:07:39
2003-07-18 12:05:25
We're American soldiers. We been kickin' ass for 200 years. We're 10 and 1.
2003-07-16 12:13:50
Don't you think that I know that walking on water won't make me a miracle man...
2003-07-15 12:09:30
I hate working the theatre, all the action's on the other side of the mall
2003-07-14 11:56:09
So it's sorta social. Demented and sad, but social
2003-07-11 11:59:29
Full frontal chicanery
2003-07-10 12:05:52
vacation all I ever wanted
2003-07-09 12:10:30
When I find myself in times of trouble Bob Abooey comes to me...
2003-07-07 12:01:33
the something something something of doom
2003-07-03 12:07:55
Hello, gentle reader, and welcome to my diary!!
2003-07-01 12:02:04
I've got no friends cause they read the paper...
2003-06-30 12:19:41
Catch a wave and you'll be sitting on top of the world!!
2003-06-20 12:04:20
Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.
2003-06-19 12:14:49
I'm gonna come around at 12 with some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin' to meet you
2003-06-18 12:00:56
Well boys, I reckon this is it -- nuclear combat toe-to-toe with the Ruskies
2003-06-17 12:00:57
"I'll get you, my pretty,... and your little dog too! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
2003-06-13 12:04:19
Oh, Eddie, you don't have anybody watching me, do you? Tailing me in a gray Plymouth coupe, maybe?
2003-06-12 12:04:45
I'm over-coming gravity!!!
2003-06-11 12:07:12
The only diary to hit you like an electric wall of sound!!
2003-06-10 12:03:45
Ba-ba-babooey and the jets.
2003-06-09 12:01:57
Ice Ice Abooey
2003-06-06 11:57:31
If you love me I want you to testify!
2003-06-05 11:50:26
If you can't trust an one armed pirate then who can you trust...
2003-06-04 12:12:08
Mein Geschichte
2003-06-03 12:00:32
Mein Kampf
2003-06-02 12:03:31
Abooey don't lose that number...
2003-05-30 12:14:37
Nightime in the Switching yard.
2003-05-28 12:03:09
Philosophy... it's a smile on a dog
2003-05-27 12:17:05
Straight hair aint got no curl.
2003-05-23 11:53:20
Disparate but not serious.. your ad hominems drive me delirious
2003-05-22 12:09:35
I'm a light fluffy cloud... floating through the sky...
2003-05-21 12:11:17
Better to be Abel than Cain...
2003-05-20 12:09:40
The diary of Dorian Gray...
2003-05-19 11:54:36
Bo Abooey, puddin pie, kiss the girls and make them cry...
2003-05-16 12:01:50
Hold the line, Bob isn't always on time...
2003-05-15 12:10:42
Bold and Hearty
2003-05-14 12:12:32
Well I just got into town about an hour ago...
2003-05-13 12:07:33
Substitution, mass confusion, clouds inside your head.
2003-05-08 12:04:16
Alles klar, herr Abooey-sar?
2003-05-07 12:09:03
And I can still hear my old hound dog barkin, chasin' down a hoodoo there.
2003-05-06 11:57:11
I know nobody knows where it comes and where it goes.
2003-05-05 12:03:43
If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down.
2003-05-02 12:10:52
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. I'm not your stepping stone!!!
2003-05-01 12:09:20
What's the frequency Kenneth?
2003-04-30 12:01:56
I've got my spine. I've got my orange crush.
2003-04-29 12:27:56
Here he comes. Here comes Speed Racer. He's a demon on wheels!!
2003-04-28 12:14:38
Coast to coast LA to Chicago
2003-04-25 12:16:19
And you turn yourself around and that's what it's all about...
2003-04-24 12:28:55